Sustainability is being able to stand firm throughout a situation with a positive attitude, overcoming every obstacle that may come your way in life. If you’re determined to do something, you hold that close to your heart and try everything in your power to make it happen. I look at the role of leadership and I see sustainability because people who lead others set an example of how to handle whatever life throws at them, when they are under pressure. The spotlight is always on them because they inspire people to accomplish more in life by showing them how to maintain a great character. They are moved by success and see opportunities in obstacles. Life will always have troubles but it’s up to you to endure those sufferings and trials.

You have to be strong and willing to get back up on your feet to continue to move forward in life because the hardest battles are given to the strongest soldiers. Struggles in life happen for a reason but they only last for a season, continue to strive for success and chase your dreams. It’s in those hard times that bring out your true greatness.

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